5 Best Free & Premium Elementor Addons


Almost 7% of all the WordPress sites are currently led by Elementor. It is the most popular feature-packed page builder for WordPress websites. You will need to use this page builder if you wish to personalize your sites with advanced themes. For that, you can also use the best Elementor Addons.

Basically, the very first impression of the viewers on your site matters a lot on the journey of your site’s success. So, it is your very essential job to enjoy the elegant appearance of your site. For that, you have to use the right theme and template.

However, Elementor offers over 80 different design elements and ready-made templates for you. Indeed, you can extend the number of designs, templates, and themes too. For that, you have to use third-party Addons for elementary. And today, we’ll talk about the best Elementor Addons.

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Why Should You Use Elementor Addon?

Before we directly head towards the reviews of the Elementor Addons, let us first tell you exactly why you need to use these Addons. Well, the general cause you need to use Elementor Addons is to get more options to customize your site. But that’s not all about it.

It is natural that you won’t be happy with only 80 different designs anyway. You will love to change the design repetitively and for that, you will need more options. Third-party Addons for Elementor provide different designs for sure. And they expand options for you excessively.

Eventually, the number of Addons available on the marketplace is not a few. So, you can choose the best one from them according to the type of your site, your personal taste, and your preference. So, if you have a website, using an Elementor Addon is like a mist for you to design your site.

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Top 5 Best Elementor Addons You Should Try

There are hundreds of Addons available to use. You can choose any Addon you love. But many people find it difficult to choose the best Addon for their site. If you are one of them, maybe we can help you in this case. Here, we have selected the 5 best Elementor Addons that won’t disappoint you. Let’s check them out in short.

1. PowerPack


Let’s start the list with one of the most popular and resourceful Elementor Addons, PowerPack. It will initially help you take the site design with Elementor to a completely new level. This Addon comes with a huge collection of designs and templates.

The developers update this Addon regularly. So, it will be compatible with the new version of WordPress of your site. Besides, there is a considerable number of widgets available there to choose from. They even come with a minimalist design and a unique appearance.

Also, PowerPack offers exclusive documentation and a very friendly team to support you. To solve any problem regarding PowerPack, you can simply talk to active customer support. Well, check has a quick view of the features of this interactive Addon.

Key Features

• PowerPack comes with more than 70 packs of widgets and professionally designed templates.

• The design of widgets and templates are flexible and help you showcase your site in a unique way.

• You can customize your site with blocks from the PowerPack library. It comes with more than 150 unique blocks.

• PowerPacks’s products are cross-domain compatible, lightweight, and fast.

• PowerPack provides you with a complete package of all essential elements in one place.

2. Happy Addons


Let’s meet the happiest way to customize your site with Elementor. Happy Addon is a powerful and unique widget collection for Elementor users. This exclusive Addon is super fast and all the elements come with scalable designs.

This interactive Addon is super fast and you can download it for free. But the paid version is also there to provide you with extra features. From templates to widgets, Happy Addon offers a complete package for the users.

Additionally, this high-end Addon for Elementor is cross-domain compatible. You can use the unique presets from the huge library to give your site a unique look. Also, More than 600 line icons are there to use on your sites from Happy Addons.

Key Features

• Happy Addon offers unlimited section nesting.

• You can copy the live demo and use it directly on your site.

• There are more than 400 presets available on the preset library that you can use as well.

• You can also use the built-in motion effects systems to create animated sites.

• There are also 400+ readymade templates to use.

3. ElementsKit


With ElementsKit, you can be a creative site developer. This interactive Elementor Addon offers you more than you need and expect. This Addon comes with a huge widget collection and also, it lets you customize many sections of your site’s theme.

Initially, ElementsKit comes with 3 different flexible price plans. And there is no free version yet. But your money won’t get spent for nothing if you pay it for ElementsKit. It lets you change the header-footer builder, megamenu builder, and social feeds.

Also, ElementsKit lets you manage the advanced tab of your site and lets you use the Parallax effects. You can also use the multi widget functions with this powerful widget. Check out what’s the important feature of it.

Key Features

• ElementsKit comes with 85 extensive addons and modules for the users.

• Over 500 ready sections and 35 ready pages will be there for you as well.

• You will also get over 25 completely designed homepage and 500+ web blocks.

• An integrated and powerful controlling system is a bonus point here.

• All the elements of this Addon library are superfast. Your site won’t have a loading issue for them.

4. Ultimate Addons for Elementor


If you wish to have Elementor widgets, blocks, premade pages, and templates, all in one place, just try Ultimate Addons for Elementor. It is another powerful Addon that we cannot deny list here. This Addon is again extensively popular and the designs are elegant here.

Over millions of web, professionals are using these Elementor widgets to make their site unique and responsive. It initially offers a complete new toolkit to customize your site and you won’t find this toolkit in any other Addon.

There are hundreds of pre-built website templates that can help you change the complete look of your site. Besides, it lets you copy the site design from one domain to another. So, it is quite flexible and super handy for sure.

All the elements of this high-end Addon are lightweight and unique. It will indeed help you keep your site lightweight too. Additionally, the modular architecture of this Addon provides you complete control to switch on and off widgets on your site.

Key Features

• More than 40 different widgets and extensions are available here.

• You can simply choose the best template for your site from a collection of over 100 options.

• Ultimate Addons also offer around 200 uniquely designed section blocks for your site.

• Important widgets for megamenu, form style, WooCommerce, all are available here.

• You can indeed ask help from the interactive customer care center and the team will solve any problem regarding this Addon instantly.

5. Essential Addons


Lastly, we have Essential addons to share with you. This popular and superfast Elementor widget library is very resourceful and interactive enough to give you a completely new experience. It has more than a million happy users.

Essential Addons also come with a considerable number of widgets and premade pages. You will need a few hours only to design your site with this Addon library. Additionally, it comes with a set of superfast designs and extensions.

But the best feature of Essential Addons is the flexibility. It lets you design and customizes all its elements the way you want. Also, it comes with a very flexible price planning though it does not offer any free version yet.

This high-end Addon library also offers woo product grid, advanced accordion, and post grid. A filterable gallery will also be there to offer you excellent designs. Still not impressed? We suggest you check the quick features of this Elementor Addon from right below.

Key Features

• It lets you use image accordion, parallax effects, and logo carousel.

• You can use interactive promo codes to enjoy unlimited discounts.

• There will be essential functions like particle effects, Google map, post blocks, etc.

• You can choose from 85 different widgets and hundreds of premade templates here.

• Essential Addons offers very active customer support to provide you with help anytime.

We have tried a lot of Elementor Addons for different projects. And we found these 5 Addons to be more resourceful, feature-packed, and rich. So, we are pretty sure that you will love them too.


Hopefully, our review of the best 5 Elementor Addons will help you choose the appropriate one. Make sure to check the official sites of the sites to have a better understanding of them. It will eventually help you choose the right one as well. 

So, we are taking our leave here. Thank you for your time.

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