Elementor Pro Review: Best WordPress Page Builder

You just can’t make sure of the proper use of WordPress without some particular tools, Plugins, or elements. A page builder is the most useful one of those components. Generally, a page builder stands for a plugin or other component that mainly makes it easier to design your page or to make a structure of it.


This type of plugin minimizes your task and usage of different software. And Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. To be true, Elementor itself is not quite an advanced page builder though it is quite popular among users.

That’s why the pro version of this page builder comes with extensive features and functionalities that will be hard to find in any average page builder. And this extensive version is widely known as the Elementor Pro.

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Why To Use A Page Builder?

Page builders for WordPress are now getting more and more popular, especially among the new WordPress users. To build your website more efficiently, a good page builder can do a lot. Only a page builder can help you to create a website easily even if you don’t have a good knowledge of website development.

To handle different tasks on WordPress, you have to use thousands of codes. But if you manage to use an efficient page builder, you don’t need to use those technical lines at all. It will let you handle all those tasks even without the codes.


Also, it will provide you with tons of layout customizing functions to design your page. To design your website and give an elegant and appealing look, you have to use different modules in WordPress. A properly made page builder includes tons of pre-made modules that you can use too.

To change the style of your website, you will need a page builder too. A page builder offers tons of options to customize your websites’ style. Also, it offers tons of templates from where you can choose the most suitable one for your project. So, all these reasons should be enough to answer the question of why one should use a page builder.

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Key Features of Elementor

Elementor is a package of many tools for building and maintaining your website, it has tonnes of features. We are pointing out some of the key features that will surely motivate you to use this platform if needed.

• It has more than 300 ready-to-use templates. They suit almost all kinds of popular demands of the industry. You can work as you want with these master-crafted templates.

• Elementor has its own Popup Builder. This option gives you the freedom to make any type of popup. They will also match your selected theme. It also includes advanced targeting facilities.

• You might want to integrate WooCommerce functions into your website. Elementor comes with native support for online stores and WooCommerce add-on optimizations. You can make your online store with joy.

• Another great feature is its advanced theme building function. It utilizes an advanced visual engine and editor which gives you the opportunity to prepare the perfect theme for your website.

• When you can edit your whole site with just one system then why look for other options. It allows you to edit your website anytime without any restrictions. You can design, add a header, different contents, and footer with ease.


• It offers more than 90 different widgets that you can use for making headlines, buttons, headlines, etc. Give your site a unique look. It gives you total freedom to express yourself.

• Make your website look stunning with the industry’s best animations and visual effects. You can make different types of motion effects, such as scrolling effects, mouse effects, and page fading animations.

• It allows you to integrate custom CSS on a global level. You can add them to your website wherever you want. You will find near-zero restrictions to using your custom CSS on your website.

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Elementor Pro Templates

The template is one of the most essential components in WordPress theme design and development. A template is like a pattern and you use it to showcase your site changing the details of the pattern.


However, Elementor Pro comes with a feature-rich template library and you are free to use most of them. You can use over 300 pre-made templates if you use them. All these templates are designed professionally and they are enriched with unique specifications and appearance.

Again, templates featuring different professions and issues are also available. So, you can just use the search box to find out the exact template that you need.

Theme Builder Feature

Elementor Pro is packed with an exclusive theme builder. To boost your workflow you will get tons of benefits from this package. It will save you time by making your tasks easier and faster. However, the features will describe the theme builder in more detail.

• Help you create the header and footers of the site.

• Let you create your own blog posts.

• Makes it easy to create the 404 pages.

• With Elementor Pro, you can create your blog pages with less effort.

• It creates all the templates to showcase your post design.

• Let you archive the blog post too.

• For an online business, it will customize the layout with WordPress Woocommerce builder.

• It ensures you a better search option.


• You can jump to any part with the new version of the theme builder.

• Let you use the drag and drop editors to make the design of your pages.

• Makes it easy to find out the missing part to develop or update.

• Help you create the entire structure of your page.

• You will need some widgets like sitemaps, breadcrumbs, post info, site logo, author box, site title, search box, etc to use the theme builder.

• With this theme builder, you can make powerful and unique animation to give an appealing outlook of your site.

• Once you create a framework of your site with the theme builder, you can work with it forever.

Other Features

There are some other features you can get with Elementor and its pro version. The features are briefly described to help you get a specific idea about it.

• It ensures a 100% responsive editing program that will help you use it with any smart device including your smartphone.

• Over 90 essential widgets are there for you. And you can use them without paying an extra penny.

• You don’t need to learn the codings to handle any of your tasks as it will help you provide all the shortcuts.

• It includes a powerful navigator. With it, you can navigate from one-page element to another.

• A very active search bar is also there to make your navigation easier and faster.

• To save your time, this page builder provides tons of keyboard shortcuts.


• You will also get tons of shortcut cheat sheets.

• Infinitive times of undo and redo options will be there too.

• An autosave system will never let you lose your content because of a sudden technical problem or battery loss.

• You can make thousands of drafts of content to complete and publish them later.

• 18 different Woocommerce widgets are available here.

• This page builder will integrate all your favorite and useful marketing tools.

• Provides live custom CSS and custom field integration.


• You can also type on-screen directly using the in-line editing option.

• You can also use the dark mode option available here.

• Let you control all the global elements of your page including the lightbox setting, site identity, layout customization, etc.

• Provides 24/7 customer service.

All these features are not available in the general version of Elementor. But Elementor pro comes with even more options than that. Let’s check the pricing list of it so that you can easily make your decision properly.

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Elementor Pro: Pricing

Elementor has two types of versions. The general one is free for anyone. But the pro version comes with a bucket full of exclusive features and so, you have to pay for that. However, Elementor pro Includes 3 different types of tiers with different costs. The following details will make it clear.


The cheapest package has come with limited facilities that allow you to maintain a single site only. That’s why it is called the personal plan and it costs only 49$ for the service of a year.

You can try the plus plan that comes with a moderated package of facilities. It offers maintenance of 3 sites at once. And it costs only 99$ a year.

The most expensive plan is known as the expert plan and it is the most profitable as far as we see. Because it lets you maintain a thousand sites at a time. And you have to pay 199$ yearly to enjoy this service.

Why should you Upgrade to PRO Version?

Some of you may think about why you should pay money for the pro version of Elementor when the free version is also powerful. Well, to inform you of the true fact, we have some points we think you should learn.

You have already learned about the basic features of Elementor. But the following points will show you the features that actually make the difference between the free and pro versions of Elementor.

• 50 advanced and essential widgets are available in the pro version of Elementor only.

• To get the motion effects like parallax and mouse effects, you have to use the pro version.

• To enjoy facilities of incredible content and custom field capabilities, you cannot rely on the free version but the paid ones.


• With over 15 shop widgets, this paid version comes with the Woocommerce builders too.

• You will be also offered a design-oriented pop-up builder in this pro version of Elementor.

• It will also offer the visual from builders here.

All these facilities are essential to managing your WordPress site. Even you don’t have a way to avoid these facilities if you use WordPress in its most effective way. Hopefully, you have understood why you need the version.

Elementor Alternatives

Divi is a perfect alternative for Elementor which does the same work of arranging and building your website. It comes with tonnes of features at affordable prices. You can build web pages just as you want while having tonnes of ready-to-use functions in one system.

Divi lets you work live and shows real-time previews while you edit. It is a perfect match for your WordPress sites. It uses one of the most advanced visual editing engines and does not require any extra knowledge on website building to use it.


It has the industry’s best editing functionality. You can design your page while having a live presentation of end results. Most of the work can be done with mouse clicks and using drag and drop options. It includes lots of pre-built templates and theme packs for users’ convenience.

Divi Vs Elementor

Both Elementor and Divi have certain types of consumers and there are some differences between them. Elementor comes with its own Popup Builder while Divi does not have it. Divi has a third-party plugin called Divi Overlays which allows us to design custom popups in Divi’s platform.

Divi includes themes and plugin versions for a wide range of accessibility. You can get theme integration with Elementor through third-party theme providers. They both have their own expertise in different fields while Divi offers a more complete package and Elementor supports a huge collection of third-party plugins and extensions.

At pricing, Elementor comes in the leading place for its affordable packages and generous Free version which is capable of handling the basics.

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