9 Places for free Feminine Girly and Styled stock photos

Introduction: You have started your own blog or business, now new some stylistic photos? Well, stylistic photographs are significant for a successful blog post. Many people do not get time or not best to take photographs. But these photos are extremely useful for their blog post, Instagram, e-books, Facebook, etc. In this post, we will recommend you ten places for free feminine Girly and styled stock photos.

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Why should you use stock photos?

Stylistic-free feminine stock photos are the best choice when you want to save your time and get a great deal.

  • It helps to align with your content. Good images create a significant impact on your post. Using these images will make your blog, Instagram post, Facebook post more exciting and professional.
  • It will save you time, and you can concentrate on making your content without any tension.

Paid vs. free stock photos

You will get two options to use Stylistic free feminine stock photos, paid and free version. There are a lot of paid versions for stock photos. If you search correctly, you will find many free photos that will make you think there is no need for buying any subscription. 

But if you are really professional in your work and do not want to take a chance, I would suggest you go for paid versions. There are many reasons behind it

  • Free stock photos are overused. As none has to pay for it, you will find the same photos used in many places altogether. 
  • The terms and policy are very transparent on the paid versions. It helps you to use the service without any hassle.

Places to find feminine styled stock photos!

1. Stock shop:


It is one of the best places where you can find Stylistic free feminine stock photos. There are many reasons why we are suggesting it.

  • They have incredibly high-quality images in the collection. You can crop it, edit it according to your requirement. 
  • You can search from their variety of range, color or you can also customize it.
  • They have a brand builder set, which will be very handy for your all social media site.
Check out Stock Shop

2. Pixistock


 I have already told you, the necessity of using feminine stock photos. So, you cannot compromise with pictures’ quality. Pixistock can be a great option.

  • It not only offers you stylistic pictures but also some fantastic graphics templates.
  • The images are so unique and come with a variety of stylistic color palette. 
  • If you take the membership for a year, you will get free courses and webinars on canvas, adobe lightroom, etc
Check out Pixistock

3. Haute stock


It has the best collections for young woman entrepreneur. I would really recommend it for young women. 

  • It comes with a wide range of color themes and photos.
  • Lifestyle, social media, graphics, you will find every category picture here.
Check Out Haute Stock

4. A Prettier Web


Here you will find the most colorful and beautiful feminine stock photos. It is not just a stock photos website, and it is a website design site

  • You will get a content strategy for your brand.
  • You will get three options for subscription, weekly, monthly, yearly. Thus you can get to choose according to your preference. 
Check Out A Prettier Web

5. Unsplash


You will enjoy some beautiful free images captured by amazing photographers around the world. 

  • Free of cost does not mean less quality picture. Enjoy the high-resolution photos and templates without charge.
  • There are varieties of genres that will offer you pictures from many different ideas. You will get your desired photo quickly.
Check Out Unsplash

6. The stock boutique


It is one of the easiest sites to use. It is user friendly and also enjoyable to use. We recommend it to those who want to keep it simple but also attractive.

  • They provide you unique, fresh, feminine stock photos that entrepreneurs can use who want something exceptional for their website or business. 
  • You can find relevant photos for every content, easy to edit and customize.
Check Out The Stock Boutique

7. Oh tilly


Oh, tilly is going to offer you new fashionable stylistic feminine photos that you will love. They have a massive range of collection,

  • Get more than 1400 photos and choose your favorite one. They renew their pictures every month so you can stay updated.
  • They allow you to download the full album. So if you work on broad content, it will be great for you. 
  • Images can be used in blog posts, social media posts, and anywhere you want.
Check Out Oh tilly

8. Sourced 


Sourced comes with a great collection of images. It also offers you high-resolution videos, which will add extra amazement to your content.

  • You will get eye-catching and on-brand imageries here that will help you to expand your business. 
  • If you create content on weddings, this site will be the best option for you. It has an excellent collection of wedding-related posts. 
Check Out Sourced

9. Girlbossstock


This feminine stock photos site totally justifies its name. The photos of Girl boss stock is specially designed for girl bosses. The beautiful stylistic images are made to make you stand out and achieve a professional look in your work.

  • The Girl Boss Stock membership offers scene creators, elements, backgrounds, and more to enable you to make your own amazing content.
  • Easy to subscribe and user friendly with term and condition. 

Check Girlbossstock

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Final thoughts


Feminine stock photos are crucial for business owners who want to expand their business online and the people interested in blogs and social media content. If you go through these websites, you will find vast pictures that will help you grow your work. Do not waste your time searching for some other ordinary and unattractive photos. Just follow the easy steps that have been explained above and get the smart appearance of your business. 

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