How to Sell Digital Products with Woocommerce

Nowadays, people are more interested in shopping Online marketplace. And so, eCommerce businessmen are creating Websites using WordPress. The more attractive your products and websites are, the more customers you will get. They also use different plugins to customize the website and Woocommerce is the most popular one. So, today, we will learn how to sell digital products with Woocommerce.

The more attractive your products and websites are, the more customers you will get. That’s the reason website owners are updating their sites continuously. However, Woocommerce is the most effective way to sell your digital products from the site. Let’s first understand what this Woocommerce is and how it works.

What is WooCommerce

I have already mentioned that Woocommerce is a plugin. It works only for WordPress. Basically, it works as a full-flagged eCommerce solution to help you with selling your products. Using your WordPress with Woocommerce will be the most efficacious to boost your sales and get more clients.


Almost all the high-traffic website owners are using Woocommerce as it helps to get a more yieldable and user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers. When you will install it, you will just get it on the dashboard. Besides, it is very easy to install and simple to use.

A WordPress theme developer WooThemes first developed Woocommerce in 2011. And the main task of this plugin is to provide your website with an eCommerce functionality to make it more flexible. Plus, it helps your site to be a fully functional WordPress eCommerce website.

Why Woocomarce for digital products

Now, you must think about the reasons for what you should use Woocommerce. Well, to be true it will be hard to disclose the usage and advantages of using Woocommerce in a few sentences. However, the primary function of Woocommerce is to make your website a flexible marketplace for buyers.

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Whether you are selling digital products, services, or other things, it will help you get more traffic and clients. Also, it includes over 300 extensions and thousands of plugins. As Woocommerce is a completely free service, you can use those extensions and plugins for free too.

Installing Woocommerce is also a very easy task. And a basic store functionality provided by it will also help you a lot. In the end, you can showcase your digital products in a decent way, organize them, and get more traffic for them.

How to Setup a Woocommerce store

Now, you have learned why this plugin is necessary and so, you should learn the process to install it. But you know that Woocommerce only works on a WordPress site and it must be a self-hosted one. So, first, you have to set up your WordPress theme.

Setup WordPress

First, make sure that your WordPress site is self-hosted and contains SSL. For payment gateway, SSL is mandatory. You can sign up with SiteGround as they offer free wildcard SSL. They also provide daily and on-demand backups.


When you have purchased your domain with hosting, you are allowed to set it up. For that, you have to find the appropriate niche, choose a name for your site, select a blogging platform, get hosting, and then sign up.

When you have set up WordPress, you have to choose a theme for it. You should always go for a Woocommerce compatible theme. Now, you can install Woocommerce. Let’s see how.

Install Woocomarce

First, you have to click on the option ‘plugins’ on the dashboard. Find another option for ‘Add New’ and click it. You will get a search option. Write the word, Woocommerce to find it. You will get an installation option when you get it. Click the bar and then press the button, ‘Activate’.


Setup Woocomarce

Now is the time to set up Woocommerce. It is also an easy task. However, when you will click the ‘Activate’ button, you will get a form and fill it with the necessary information. You also have to choose your product types. In the end, you will get a button ‘Let’s go’ and just hit it. Now, you will get several options to customize in the new window.


Setup Payment Gateways

After you get the new window, there will be an option to set up the payment gateway. You can activate your different accounts here. You have to set up a particular gateway for particular payment options.

For PayPal, you have to set up the PayPal gateway. You have to log in with your PayPal account. For credit cards, you also have to set up the respective gateway. You can use your email accounts with your all-payment account too.


At the bottom of the window, you will get a button called ‘Continue’ and you have to press it. Then you will find a tax calculation option. You can just ignore it as it is not mandatory for digital products.

Now, you will get some options for the Woocommerce store like Facebook, MailChimp, etc. And you can hit whichever you need. This is the way, you can finally set up Woocommerce with an activated payment gateway.

How to Add Digital Products

When you have activated the Woocommerce support for your website, you can add digital products easily. The process is similar to adding a page or post on WordPress. However, the following steps will help you add digital products easily.

Step 1: Get the Setting

First, go to the Dashboard. Find the option for Products. Then click the button, ‘add new’.


Step 2: Add Title and Description

Now, you have to add titles and descriptions of the product in the respective places. The description box will be at the bottom of the product editor page.

Step 3: Add Image

It’s time to add a product image. You will have two places to add a product image. You can add it to the product editor page. This image will appear on the shop page. You can also add it to the ‘product gallery’ option. Here, you can add several photos at a time. These photos will be shown just below the main image that you have added to the product editor page.


Step 4: Price Setting

In the middle of the product editor page, there are some information boxes like setting the price, adding downloadable products, etc. Now, you have to fill them as well.

Step 5: Set Downloadable Product

There will be an option ‘Simple product’ and should choose it. You have to check the ‘Virtual’ and ‘Downloadable’ options too. Here, you have to recheck the options including order completion, downloadable product, etc. Here, you will have a ‘General’ tab and you can set the price and add necessary files from it.

Step 6: Set Download Limit

In the general tab, you will also get a page to set the Download limit and expiration. Here, find the ‘Inventory’ tab. In this place, you can set the number of your products. Setting downloadable limitations and expiration is not mandatory.

Step 7: Checking ‘Sold Individually’

Having multiple copies of the same product is quite irritating. To avoid it, you have to check ‘Sold Individually’. Here, you will get how many copies you have made accidentally. Now, delete the extra copies as well.


Step 8: Add Purchase Note

If you wish to add any purchase note with the product, you can add it from the ‘Advance’ tab that you will get just below the Inventory tab. You can also enable or disable the review option from this tab too.

So, this is the easy way, you can add digital products using Woocommerce to get more traffic on it.

To Wrap Up

You should have no doubt about how important Woocommerce is for your website. If you are aware of that, then don’t waste your time and just install it following the easy steps. Remember that Woocommerce is free and all you need is just some effort and time to set it up. As I have already described the fact of how to sell digital products with Woocommerce, it should be easier for you to do so. Thank you for your time.

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