How To Start a Successful Lifestyle Blog Step by Step Guide


Before jumping into lifestyle blogging tips, you probably want to know what blogging is? Blogging is the logging of one’s thoughts, ideas, experiences, and more in one place on the web. Only by clicking you can share your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs around the world, which makes blogging really interesting. A blog is a staple of who you are. It is the ultimate reflection of you on the web. You can find many types of blogs on the internet, such as sports blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, fitness blogs, and food blogs. 

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What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a kind of blog that usually does not hold any specific niche but also significant. A lifestyle blog shows who you are, your personality, your lifestyle, your daily routine. It would be best if you were honest and transparent while doing a lifestyle blog. It would be best if you came up with your lifestyle’s unique ideas to make the blog more interesting. If you can define your lifestyle and relate to your audience, you can make a successful blog. A lifestyle blog’s main advantage is that you can write about food, fashion, career, and beauty in one particular blog. 

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How to start a lifestyle blog step by step guide

Step 1: Select your niche/topic:

To start any successful blog, selecting a niche is very important. Even if it is a lifestyle blog, you still need a good niche. Lifestyle blog has become really famous nowadays and also competitive. To survive in this area, you need to come up with a unique niche. 


You have to mention your blog niche in a very explicit manner. Choose the niche wisely. For example, ‘A new mother diary’ or ‘Katie did what’ clearly indicates these blogs being about respectively, a new mommy’s lifestyle and Katie’s lifestyle. Your blog must define who you are and what you are going to do here. 

Step 2: Select the blogging platform

After choosing the niche, you necessarily need to choose your blogging. You get a lot of options here, such as,, Tumblr, Blogger, Gator, etc. I personally prefer for many reasons. As a lifestyle blogger, you might want a user-friendly, flexible platform that helps you out with tutorials. Then is best for you. Even you are completely a novice in this field, you still get maximum comfort. You will learn to use it within a few hours. I guarantee you, this platform will be the best for your lifestyle blog.

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Step 3: Select/choose a domain name

Selecting a domain name is an essential part of your blog. It would help if you had a custom domain for your blog. Your domain name can be ‘’ It does not need to be connected with or A custom domain will give you your ownership of the domain. 

I personally use Bluehost for my domain name purchases. I found it easy, cheap, and user friendly. It gives you a free domain for one year. Using Bluehost will solve your domain name problem within the shortest possible time. 

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There are many ways to select the domain name. I recommend you to select a domain name similar to your lifestyle blog name. But If you find out the name already booked, try to use your name associated with any creative word. 

Step 4: Select the best theme for your blog

A theme represents the first view of your blog. It basically depends on how you want to design your blog. If you are looking for a theme for your lifestyle blog, there is a huge variety free of costs that will make you shocked. A beautiful presentation is really important for successful blogging. You need to choose the correct color, font, images, templates that suits your personality well. The website has to be user-friendly. If you have no issues regarding the budget, I would suggest you go for a premium service. Mostly, premium themes are more functional, user-friendly, and also SEO friendly.

Remember, the theme is an essential part of your blog; it will create the first impression and decide how many audiences you will get. 

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Step 5 Proper content planning for your blog/Set your Blogging goals:

A blog’s major goal is to create good content. Without properly organized content, it is impossible to publish a good blog. Here I am giving you some points step by step.

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  • Make a list. You also can use Google spreadsheets that will keep your ideas organized. 
  • After making a list, you keep writing on the topics. It does not necessarily mean that you will end up with your first post in one sitting. You can make the outlines first, then can make the final draft.
  • Research a few related blogs, see the quires of the audience. In our blog post, try to answer those questions.
  • Find out the images, sources you want to add to your post. Edit, optimize them according to your post requirements. 
  • Keep the text, image, source save in a file so that you can stay organized to post anytime. 
  • Always try to add some subtopics. If you suggest some diet chart for weight loss, try to suggest your audience some good exercise for better results. 

However, Here I am suggesting you pre-write the things because that will make you feel more relieved before your first blog post. 

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Some additional tips for a successful blog:

I have already mentioned the steps to make a successful blog. Here I am giving you some bonus tips that might take your blog in the best possible direction.

  • Write with your passion: Do not just write to publish. Try to write the things you genuinely love or passionate about.
  • Be consistent: Try to keep consistency. Make a proper schedule to publish your post. If you do not stay consistent, you will end up losing your audience. 
  • Create social media profiles: Make social media accounts with the name of your blog. If you cannot create the same name profile, try to add some unique and eye-catchy words. Create a profile on all social media platforms, even if you do not plan to use it. This will help you to reach more people. 
  • Make a logo: A logo helps to get more visibility. It is trendy nowadays and I think important also. If you do not want to spend money on that now, try to find a way some free templates that you will find online.
  • Have patience: None can become a successful blogger in one day. Keep working honestly and stay confident.
  • Enjoy: You are doing it wholeheartedly. So enjoy it while working on it.
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Blogging is all about what you love and admire. Write with all your heart. Once you have made a successful blog, you might be able to earn money from that. Many online shops or commercial pages might sponsor you. You can also earn from affiliate marketing. Just try to be focused and honest with your work. You will get unlimited opportunities from lifestyle blogging. If you are planning to open your own lifestyle blog, do not wait. Just follow the steps I have mentioned above and start living your dream. 

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