How to Start Food Blogging – Step by Step Guide

Introduction: Are you passionate about cooking? Want to share your recipes or reviews with the world? Then food blogging can be an excellent platform for you. Now a big question arises here, how to become a food blogger? How to start food blogging Do not worry. This post will give you a clear idea of starting a food blog step by step. Creating your own blog is fun, and if it is about your favorite activity, then it is the cherry on the top. Now without further delay, let us give you a clear idea about starting a food blog.


How to make money by food blogging

Blogging is just a platform to write on your interest, but it can also be a source of making money. You can earn money from your food blog in many ways. Such as

  • Sell cook recipes/e-book: You can add some recipes to your blog. Try with some special items that you know, or even you can post some everyday recipes. When you feel that you are getting noticed, make your e-book and take charge of that. You can also arrange workshops to make an extra 
  • Restaurant and food review: You can also start with reviewing restaurants and foods. Currently, it is in trend. Start visiting restaurants and cafes, give your opinion on their food and also the service. Try to pick the places according to your audience’s choice. You need to invest some money; when your blog gets recognition, many restaurants will sponsor you. 

  • Sell ad space: This is a very effective method of earning money through blogging. Many food bloggers make money by selling the space of ads in their blogs. It brings a decent amount of money. You mostly get the opportunity when your blog starts getting popular and getting enough traffic. So, try to get as many viewers as possible. The more you get recognized, the more you increase the chances of getting ads. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is promoting the products for a business that are connected with. So when you are doing food blog, you will earn money through affiliate marketing simply promoting food-related products. You will choose the products according to your niche. At first, you will take entry to an affiliate program, and then you will promote or share the products through a link given by then. You will be paid for this promotion. 

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Step by Step Guide to Start Blogging 

Step 1: Choosing your food blog niche/name

 Food blogging is a broad area. That is why you need to be specific in choosing your niche. Try to focus on your exciting site, the thing you love to do. It can be a blog, especially for baking, vegan, or any specialized diet-related. 


 Whatever you choose, remember you have to be consistent. You will select a topic that will never make you bored. Otherwise, you will lose interest soon. 

Take time to make the decision. Remember working on the area that you love will keep you focused and make it easier for you. 

Types of Food Blogs: You have plenty of options when it comes to food blogging.

  • Recipe blogs: Here, you will share recipes that you know the best. It can be anything, From regular food recipes to international cuisine. Try to focus on your viewer’s choice.
  • Food or drink: You can be more specific. You can choose between food or drink. 
  • Tasting blog: If you are interested in eating more than cooking, then go for a food tasting blog.
  • Cookbook review: You can do some reviews of the cookbook.  
  • Healthy Eating blog: People are very conscious about their food habits nowadays. You can help them by providing healthy food tips and also with recipes. 

Step2: Buy a Domain & Setup Hosting

After choosing the right niche for your blog, now it’s time to buy a domain. First, choose your blog name. When you are done with finding the correct name of your blog, check it is available or not! Bluehost can help you find the proper name for your blog. Just go to their website. Enter your desired domain name and press ‘check availability.’ It will show you whether your desired domain name is available or not. If you find it available, do not wait. You can get it free in Bluehost. We are recommending Bluehost because it is affordable, easy to use, and reliable. 

If you take Bluehost ‘starter plan’, it will be cheaper for you. If for some reason, you do not like the service of Bluehost, you can cancel the deal in 30 days and get a full refund.

How to set up your plan with Bluehost?

  • Start with a cheaper plan. It is called the Basic plan. It is least expensive than the others. 
  • Choose a term according to your need. If you want to get a free domain name for a year and great discount deals, You will need to pay at least one year of hosting in advance. You can choose for a more extended period and save more money if you are serious with your blogging. 
  • In the end you need to choose your add on. We suggest you here to choose Domain Privacy Protection, which will protect your personal information. 

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Step 3: Choosing a Food Blogging Theme for Your Food Blog

It is time to choose the best theme for your food blog. It actually represents the first appearance of your blog, or you also can say the first impression. It also shows your taste of choice. Here are some tips before choosing your blog theme.

  • At first, have a look at some famous blogs. See how they managed everything on their blog page. Now you decide how you want to design your blog. Select a theme that suits your personality. 
  • You can select your blog theme from WordPress. You will find free articles there, or you can also go for wordpress premium. You will need to pay for that. 
  • Remember, not all the themes are suitable for a food blog. You will have to choose a theme that suits your niche and enhance the beauty of your blog.
  • It would be best if you went for a responsive theme. It is user friendly and handy for all devices. It helps you to get more audiences because this type of theme is considered as best of all. Whether your audience with mobile or pc, none will face any problem using your blog. 
  • Try to choose a theme that is compatible with your using skill. If you are not a professional in editing, then select a theme that does not require any editing.  

Recommended Marketplace: Themeforest & Creative Market

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Step 4: Add the Recipe plugin to your blog

If you are up for a cooking recipe blog, then you must know about the recipe plugin beforehand. If you want your blog to appear in the first search engine, you have to make that search engine friendly. 

You can find many technical benefits of adding a recipe plugin. It has a significant role; thus, your recipe shows the proper display in the search engine. It is also essential for pins on Pinterest. 

You might have understood the importance of the recipe plugin. Now we will give you some tips before you decide on a vital plugin.

  • Try to get your plugin contact for a long time. If it is a premium service, then you are more likely to get a long time service. If you use the free service, try to get the right features.
  • Try to come up with some different ideas, thus you can attract more audience. Add on something more, some shopping list optional, nutritional option. Remember, the more you put, the more you get.
  • If might be thinking, what will happen if the plugin does not work correctly, stop working, or you lose the subscription? Will the recipe display, or what will your audience see that time? 

Sometimes without a plugin, it still displays your recipe. But mostly in unstructured text form.

Step 5: Create a content plan:

How well organized your blog can be; in the end, the content is the most significant thing where you never can compromise. Being a successful blogger, you must have a proper plan. Here we are giving you some tips to build up an appropriate method of content.

  • Brainstorm is important. Think as much as possible. Try to come up with good ideas—cluster those plans. 
  • Write the things that you have planned to do. Make a calendar separately for your blog.
  • Try to research other blogs as well. Learn from them. Make notes of the kinds of stuff that you also want to add to your blog.
  • As I already mentioned, try to provide some extra. For example, If you are giving a recipe of keto diet food, add some easy drink recipe that will help in the keto diet.  
  • Here we are trying to keep you focused on consistency. It would help if you kept updating the post on your blog regularly. Otherwise, you will end up losing your viewers.
  • Add images, sub-link that are associated with your topic. These will attract people, and you will get more audience. 
  • Try to finish your work upfront. If you are planning to post content next week, keep it wholly prepared one week before. It will keep you stress-free, and you will get more time for editing, proofreading.

Step 6: Publish articles on your blog

Suppose you are done with all the steps that are mentioned previously, Congratulations. Now you can publish articles on your blog.


How to Get Traffic to Your Food Blog

  • Setup Youst SEO Plugin: Focusing on SEO( search engine optimization) is the best way to get traffic to your blog. You can do a lot of things to intensify your position in the search engine. Check on the critical system of the SEO plugin for food blogs.
  • Create a YouTube Channel: It will be a great idea to open a Youtube channel giving the same name as your blog. It will help you to grow more.
  • Use Pinterest to get traffic: Pinterest is a famous social media site used by food bloggers for many years. As a lot of people use Pinterest nowadays. We suggest you get access to rich pins. It gives extra contextual support that will be helpful for a food blog.
  • Use Instagram to get traffic: Instagram is the most trendy social media site recently. We recommend you must have an Instagram account to get traffic from your food blog.


A successful blog relies on your passion, hard work, and consistency. Remember, None has become a successful blogger in one day; you have to keep patience and keep working. Follow our tips and enjoy a beautiful journey of your desire.

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