How to use Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind is the scheduling tool and also a complete Pinterest marketing tool kit. Those who are bloggers and do small businesses should use it as a package of everything in need of driving leads, traffic, and sales from Pinterest investing a minimal amount of money and time.

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How does Tailwind work 


By analyzing your account and niche, Tailwind will bring about a smart schedule to pin for audience engagement. You shouldn’t worry about how many pins you can schedule a day. Tailwind plus plan can give the unlimited pin scheduling offer if you pay annually. Besides, Tailwind always maintains its standards to keep your account secure and expanding. 

As it is the marketing partner of Pinterest, you don’t need any login details just need to link your Pinterest account. Where you are and what situation it is, Tailwind will do its job for you. It will post your pins in time while you are playing, sleeping, or shopping like a true friend.

What’s new in Pinterest marketing


Pinterest marketing is an enlarging sector. B2C brands are planning to invest more in it for its development in 2020. If you want to market your brand, Pinterest is the best platform for you. 291 million monthly active users refer to it as a social media platform for marketing their own products. It has the best amount of audience within your limits. 


Tailwind is the new additional feature of it. Creating new images for content can help you to reach up to your target and different audience and for that reason, one must have fresh content. Tailwind can help those people by managing their pins in a perfect way. And help them to know about their perfect times. 

In this way, you can avoid any trouble in sharing images accidentally too often. Tailwind has made the impossible task possible for the users. And it is a beginning for Pinterest.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (step by step)

With just one click you can save your ton of time by staying with Tailwind. Its smart schedule can spread out your pins throughout the day and pinned at the perfect time. So, if you want to enjoy the best of it, you must do the correct use of it. 

Sometimes it can be felt that it is not working properly because of its wrong use. So at first, we should know the correct use of Tailwind. Here is the step-by-step guide for beginners:

Step 1 — Signing up

First, one should sign up for Tailwind, and it will offer you a free trial. By this trial, you can use all features of how it works and make decisions about your next step. For this free trial, you don’t need to pay a penny. Just visit for signing up. And use the free trial.


Step 2 — Setting up smart schedule

Tailwind’s smart schedule or pinning schedule is the best part for your business. It will want to know about your pinning time and will create a personalized timetable which will give you the biggest chance of success. To make your smart schedule follow the steps- go to PUBLISHER>YOUR SCHEDULE and Then, from GENERAL QUEUE click on RECREATE SCHEDULE.

Step 3 — Installing Browser extension

The browser will make your pinning easier and quicker. To install it follow the steps.

Go to Tailwind Chrome Extension and click INSTALL EXTENSION from the top bar.


Step 4 — Scheduling and shuffling pin

Then you should schedule your pin from the Tailwind draft. Go to Tailwind and select PUBLISHER<– Scheduling multiple pins

To speed up your work and for saving time you can schedule multiple pins in a single minute. Go Tailwind and simply click on the pins you want to schedule, and then click onGOSCHEDULEbutton.

Step 5 – Scheduling multiple pins

To speed up your work and for saving time you can schedule multiple pins in a single minute. Go Tailwind and simply click on the pins you want to schedule and then click on the GO SCHEDULE  button.


Step 6 — CheckingTailwind Stats 

For being a perfect businessman, You must check your working statistics regularly. It will help you to make decisions for your next step. By your Tailwind Stat, you can check what is working well and what is not. To check your Tailwind Stats go to INSIGHTS in the menu of Tailwind dashboard. You can use it for your business purpose.

Step 7- Using Board List

Another time-saving idea is a board list. You can easily save your time by doing preset lists of boards which you can add to a pin in just one click. You can also make board lists based on specific topics. And you can use it in the future when you will upload any pin by just by typing the topic name. 

To create a new board list go to PUBLISHER>>>BOARD LIST and click the plus button for a new board list. Don’t forget to give a title to your board list. It will help you find it out quickly.


Extra Tailwind Features

There are two interesting features of Tailwind that can increase Pinterest traffic to your blog and page views. They are tailwind Tribes and Smart loops. Tailwind Tribes works a little like group boards. But it is more effective. For Re-pinning your pins repeatedly you can use the SmartLoop feature of Tailwind.

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To Wrap Up

No doubt! You have found complete guidance about the use of Tailwind for Pinterest. So enjoy the Tailwind app and do a perfect job with it. Don’t forget to share fresh content. All the guidelines are made only for you so that you can grow your Pinterest traffic by making the best use of it. Give Minimal time for it and get maximum success from it.

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