Premium Canva Ebook Templates for Your Next Project


Though technology has grasped the entire world today, most people love real books more than ebooks. That’s not meaning that the number of ebook readers is countable. People most often love ebooks when they are designed in an elegant way. For that, Canva ebook templates are the best option.

We all know that Canva is the easiest and the best option for editing and designing after Photoshop. So, to design the ebook, it is the most used solution. You can either design your own templates here in Canva or just buy ones designed by famous designers. And that’s what most authors prefer.

But it is a common problem for the automatic to find the appropriate template for their ebooks. So, we decide to form our today’s content to introduce you to the best ever Canva ebook templates.

Best Canva eBook Templates Review

Here, you will learn the brief details of a few aesthetic ebook templates for Canva. You can check the preview of the templates to choose the appropriate one for your next ebook.

1. Olivia Canva EBook Template


If it is your first ebook for what you are looking for, a nice Canva template, we are sure this creation by Arryxen will make things better for you. This minimalist and splendid ebook template lets you make a perfect lead magnet. And, you can use it to promote your work.

The exclusive package comes with a set of 50 different templates for ebooks. Indeed, it contains around 12 different content pages and 4 ebook covers. You will get 7 cheatsheet pages with a nice question and answer page. So, that can be a perfect combination for your first ebook.

2. eBook Template Creator | CANVA PS


Eviory lets you make an elegant ebook easily with its magnific ebook template. The eye-soothing design of the template will impact the reader greatly, and they would like to read more. You can eventually use the single and double pages to mix and match.

Here, the best thing is you will get all your Canva and PS files available. And it has two different content variations and four intro page sections. Additionally, you will get 11 text context various with 6 pages for the library references.

3. eBook Canva Template | Dunes


If you are looking for an elegant ebook template that is easy to customize, maybe, you should try The Side Blogger’s creation too. It’s another minimalist template with a lot of rich features. This 30 pages template has a lot of content and a gallery page.

You will initially get 3 different cover pages with 2 introduction pages in this premium Canva template. Also, there are 3 chapter introduction pages and back cover templates. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from if you will use this one.

4. Ebook Creator Canva Template – Pink


So, pink is your favorite color, and you are looking for a nice ebook template, right? Then try this one from Designs by Darowan. Well, remember that it’s not the magenta pink color that will hurt the readers’ eyes. I deed, it has a soothing pastel pink color.

This splendid template comes with 6 different cover pages and 3 pages for about you, welcome statement, team details. Besides, you can use 15 different checklists and 4 tables of content. So, ultimately, your work will be easier, and readers will live to enjoy your book.

5. Ebook template canva


The next suggestion for the new ebook writers is ETSY. It is indeed a great option for you as it offers more than you expect. For every different section, you will have more options to choose from. Initially, it looks great with a minimalist design. The color combinations are soothing and attractive.

This majestical Canva ebook template is like a complete package. From the front cover to the back, it offers multiple options. You can use a page for tables, references, the About Me section, team, and so on. Besides, this template is easy to use and customize too.

6. Ebook Template Canva 80+ Bundle


If you prefer using a premium Canva template with numerous pages and options, why don’t you try this one by Productiveandfree? Basically, this ebook template is a bundle of 80 different page templates. You will have multiple options for each section of your ebook. Also, it comes with multiple attractive covers and reference pages.

You will get around 58 different pages to create your splendid ebook here. Additionally, it offers more than 20 social media graphics that you can use for book promotion. It also provides free lifetime updates and all essential tutorial videos to learn using the template.

7. Rainbow Ebook Template for Canva


How about having a rainbow-themed ebook? Sounds great, right? If you think so, you better try MiriCampbell for your next project. Especially if it’s a kid-friendly ebook, it must be the best option for you. But also, it is suitable for any type of book theme. Besides, the pastel color of the rainbow is light and won’t hurt the reader’s eyes.

Already thousands of ebook writers have used this template for their successful projects. It offers lots of options for cover pages, back page, welcome statement page, reference, and others. Additionally, you will get a considerable number of content pages to use for your ebook. So, you can definitely try this template to make something great.

8. eBook Creator Template | Canva


Remember the pink template for the ebook we just reviewed? Well, we have another suggestion from the same designer. And this time, it’s not pink actually, but it’s a combination of brown and some other soothing color. We will love to suggest this template, especially if you want to produce content on an aesthetic theme.

Basically, the color combination is the best part of this template. It looks nice and feels good to read for a long. Additionally, this template provides you with many options for each section of your ebook. You can check out the template using a tutorial video and will understand the process precisely.

9. eBook Canva Template | Washi


Want to write an ebook novel or coursebook? Washi can be one of the best premium Canva Templates for your ebook. It’s a very elegant theme with eye-soothing color contrast. Besides, the approach to showcasing the content is unique in this theme. The cover pages design and the table of the content present will simply blow your mind.

Here, you will get around 9 different page types to showcase your content. The About page will be there that you will use to introduce yourself as the writer. Additionally, you will have 3 different templates for chapter introduction pages, question page, team introduction pages, reference page, and testimonials. So, there is no way to get disappointed with this amazing template.

10. Ebook Canva Template


Lady Boss Studio offers the most aristocratic ebook Canva template, and we love to introduce you to it. There will be no way back once you have a better look at it. The appearance of the ebook template is attractive, and the presenting approach is superb in a word. Besides, this premium Canva template is pretty much affordable.

This high-end ebook template lets you change the color anytime if you don’t like it. You will also get unlimited free updates with a lot of customizing options. Here, you will have 20 different options of Page Templates to choose from. So, don’t you think that’s seemed to be cool and exciting?

11. eBook Canva Template


Let us introduce you to another magnificent ebook Canva template for your next project. This is basically a bundle of 20-page templates. The color combination is splendid, and the way to present the entire ebook is quite minimalist. So, there is no way the readers get bored with your ebook once you use this template.

Here, you will get around 9 different content layouts, 3 pages for the cover and back, multiple templates for the table of contents, About the author, testimonials, etc. Also, you are free to change the color of the pages and make additional customizations. So, this affordable ebook template must be worth your try.

12. eBook Canva Template | Nordic

Nordic-eBook-canva -templatejpeg

Who doesn’t love the elegance of the Nordic style, especially when it is about the ebook theme? If you are also a fan of Nordic style, we guess this one is your best pick. This template’s pages and layouts come in the most elegant ways, and the entire presentation is just a gem.

For all the sections of your ebook, this template provides multiple options. Additionally, you can change the color and make other customizations so easily. Besides, it’s a very budget-friendly template especially suggested for the new writer. The easy tutorial will make things easier for you as well.


The following Canva ebook templates are pretty affordable, so they can be good options for the new authors. Additionally, all of them come with unique presenting approaches and elegant pages. 

We suggest having a look at each of the mentioned ebook templates before you choose the one you will use. So, here we take our leave. Thank you for your time.

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