Small Online Business Ideas for First-time Entrepreneurs


The thought of starting a business may make you skeptical almost always -but that is normal for almost everyone. It is also the reason why many people back out and end up not executing super cool business ideas that could have made their lives much easier.

If you are someone who is thinking of hopping aboard the business train, buckle up! Because today we will be diving into 20 small business ideas for creatives that can be your road to success.


3 Reasons Why Small Businesses are Going so Viral

Not even a decade ago, living off the livelihood of a small business seemed to be a pipe dream. Success sounded surreal and only the risk-takers seemed to have made it to the success lane.

Coming back to recent years, the world is seeing a surge of viral small businesses; and here are the reasons why –


Who doesn’t love something that requires minimum effort and time? 

Small businesses can be both traditional or virtual but whichever it is, without doubt, it’s highly convenient for both the customer and the owner.

Affordable pricing

While business owners would love to keep steep pricing for their services or products, most small businesses do not have that luxury initially.

And in turn, the customers are loving the lower charges along with friendly customer service.

Economic necessity

Since the pandemic hit, the global economy has been suffering from depression much like the whole of Gen Z.

Small businesses are contributing a great deal to make up for that and hence the sudden rise in their numbers.


Should you be Starting a Small Business Soon?

As we are already on the topic of the global economy, we encourage you to ask yourself this question – “should you be starting a small business?”

We can tell you plenty of reasons that indicate that you certainly should! Let’s look at the best ones below –

Safe and affordable investment

We all know that the current times are difficult and one cannot really live comfortably with a single source of income.

Small businesses are super-affordable to start and also safer compared to other investment ideas. It is also easier to pay off small business loans if the need arises.

Easy to start

You do not need to start off big – there’s no written rule for that. Starting small and building steadily from there is a better path to choose.

Small businesses are just perfect for that. You can literally start at any moment you want with ease. 


Being a business owner gives you flexibility – being a small business owner multiplies that flexibility even more.

You literally can work from your bed, wake up as early or as late as you want, keep workers or do it completely solo – you have all the freedom in the world!


20 Small Business Ideas for Creatives that Work Wonders

There are also a ton of small business ideas that you could put to use – the possibilities are basically endless. There are plenty of resources and platforms that you can make use of to start, but that’s a topic for another day. For now, let’s look at 20 small business ideas for creatives that work like magic right below –

Sell custom digital portraits

Digital portraits have been around since the 1980s but with technology advancing, it’s becoming easier and easier to do. That said, many people are already selling custom digital portraits all over the world. If you have the creative skills, this is a great opportunity for you to make a name for yourself alongside making some extra bucks. 

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Start an online consultation business

There are many fields where regular people require expert advice. This could range anywhere from choosing the right subject to major in, your career opportunities, what type of lifestyle change you require, and much more.

Being a good listener and problem solver in any particular field allows you the opportunity to start an online consultation business with zero investments!


Do freelance photo-editing

Not even a decade ago, people were whining about how hard photo-editing is. There weren’t many resources to learn from and most only left the job to high-end photography agencies.

But today, if you have a handful of photo-editing skills and a portfolio that showcases it, starting a freelance photo-editing business may be just for you!

Become a virtual interior designer

If you are a person who can let their imagination run wild in places that need a decorative touch, virtual interior designing could be perfect for you.

You could be asking how this could be pulled off virtually – well you’ll need some networking skills up your sleeves as well as this cannot be done solo.

Also, having prior experience in interior designing with a good portfolio can get your business booming in no time.

Design and sell t-shirts on Etsy

Another creative small business idea that is going viral recently is related to uniquely designed t-shirts.

If you have unique t-shirt designs, can do digital illustrations, or even hand paint them yourselves, this small business idea has proven results.

But keep in mind, you need to have a budget for buying, printing, and shipping for this business plan and have good knowledge of clothing materials and making costs.


Become an online stylist

While we are on the topic of clothing, there are plenty of people who love it when someone gives them a makeover.

Be it a special occasion or a random dinner invitation that you cannot choose a look for – a stylist can help you out easily.

If you are a fashion enthusiast with a good understanding of people’s tastes, all you need is your laptop, sample images of your work and a  website or page to get started.

Do illustrations for children’s books

Children’s book illustrations are super cute and often follow a certain pattern. Having a creative mind with artistic skills can allow you to start a business out of doing exclusive illustrations for children’s books.

You can either open up your own website, page or hop onto platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to get some clients. But remember to work on a portfolio before diving in.

Start a podcast

Did anyone ever tell you that they can listen to your talking voice 24/7? Or maybe you have a way with story-telling that can just draw people in?

If yes, then you should actually consider starting a podcast business.

You can talk about anything you like, bring in guests and so much more – podcasts can sell for up to $500-$500K depending on the number of downloads per episode.


Start your own online boutique

According to recent studies, there are around 12 – 24 million online shops existing all over the world.

A huge chunk of these businesses is online boutiques. The reason for this is that it is super easy to start and the resources needed for the business are readily available.

The number of customers is also ever-growing, so there’s a rare chance that you’ll suffer from any loss.

Resell products 

While MLM (multi-level marketing) may sound like a pyramid scheme, it is actually a great idea in terms of a small business.

You buy products from a brand at a wholesale rate and resell the products at a cost that allows you to have some profit.

You can choose to work with a single brand or wing it with different brands – whichever you choose, having good communication and persuasive skills is a must.

Become a freelance voice artist

Some people are gifted since birth. If you are a person who has a unique voice and can control it efficiently, starting a freelance voice artist business is an ideal opportunity for you.

You could work for upcoming filmmakers or voice-over for low-budget commercials and much more.

Teach music instruments online

Music can really heal people from the inside out. If you have a good grasp of any musical instrument, you can start a coaching business to teach the said instrument online.

It is highly profitable and may also keep you in practice while you teach others.

Sell an ebook

Recently, people are preferring e-books over paperbacks. The e-book industry is achieving success at its best and many people are getting inspired to contribute to that.

If you love writing, coming up with an e-book and selling it could be your road to success.

olivia_canva eBook_template

Sell crafts made of recycled products

Having a creative mind with a flair for saving the planet are two awesome qualities you could ask for in a person.

If you have those qualities and are fond of crafting, using recycled goods and selling them could be the perfect initiative for you.

You’d be making a profit as well as helping us keep our environment eco-friendly.

Design printable posters

Having posters of things you like in your room may sound old school, but this teenage tradition is far from dying.

From band posters to quirky typography – printable posters are the current trend. You can certainly unleash your inner artist with this small business idea.


Design logos, icons and sticker

Another easy income source could be designing exclusive brand logos, icon sets or custom stickers.

You could do them for a specific client or upload them in bulk on platforms like Freepik.

You’ll get revenue at every download for unlimited time.

Sell digital watercolor backgrounds or stock-photos

Since we were talking about freepik, digital watercolor backgrounds can also bring you good profit.

Also, if you have a good hand in photography, selling stock images can be a great way to earn some extra bucks.

You need almost no investment at all for both of these. Only a quality camera and a computer are enough.

Create custom Canva templates

Another creative idea for small businesses is using Canva to easily create templates of any kind and sell them online.

You could also take orders through gigs on various freelancing platforms.

The average income for this business starts from $2350 per month!


Host online events

Today, webinars have almost taken over physical seminars.

People from around the world can join in on a virtual workshop and learn skills that stay with them for their whole life.

If you have good hosting skills and have prior experience with giving presentations, hosting online events might be a suitable business venture for you.

 Do freelance writing

And last but not least, having a passion for writing – be it blogs, academic content or essays, starting a freelance writing journey could set you up for life.

There are tons of different niches that you could choose from.

Also, beginners need no investment to start off. Any resources needed can easily be found on the internet.

What risks should you be looking out for?

To close the curtains, we must warn you to be aware of the risks listed below that can come with any potential business.

  • Cyber-attacks
  • Fraudulence
  • Slow profits
  • Loss due to inconsistency

 So, be alert and take the necessary actions to stay safe. That was all for today – good luck with your business!

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