Top Essential WordPress Plugins For Smart Bloggers

You’ll get more than 50 thousand plugins on WordPress. You might get confused among all of these. As a blogger, to make your website more robust, you should know the essential plugins for bloggers. Here in this article, you are getting a suitable list of plugins that would be an excellent suggestion for every blogger. 

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WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms that a blogger can write and express his/her thoughts. And blogs can easily do great marketing for your business. Also, as WordPress is free and easy to use, it has gained immense popularity. 

If you can make the right plugin choice on WordPress, it would help a lot to grow your site. Whether you’re managing a site on travel, sports, beauty, cooking, or anything you should know about the right combination of plugins.

So, let’s not do any late and directly get into the points.

Why Are the Plugins Essential?

Well, in one sentence, plugins are the essential tools that expand your functions on a WordPress website. You can do so many things with plugins, that can never be done usually. You can get almost 50 thousand plugins for free on the website. This is another reason for being the website so popular among people. 

As we know WordPress is one of the best CMS ( Content Management Systems), the right choice of plugins can take your suite to the top. Choosing the right combination of plugins will give you the power of customizing, editing, and updating unique themes.

Top Ten Essential Plugins for Bloggers

What kind of plugin you should go with, depends on the site type. If you’re handling a blogging site, you must know some specific best plugins of all time. These ten plugins would be:

All these plugins don’t only give you more options to function, but also, here you get flexibility and simplicity. These plugins can be controlled through some steps only. Anyone without a degree in website building can handle these simple steps. 

You just need unique ideas, and the plugins will make them happen in no time. Now you know the list of essential plugins. But you might be confused about their work. Well, nothing to worry about, here you’ll get to know in detail about their functions:

Akismet Anti-Spam


Akismet is the first essential of the list. This plugin can be a great choice to deal with spam comments. If you’re managing a blog website, you might need to enable comments. This is important because you would want people to relate more to your blogs. Ans by enabling the commenting option, you broaden the road for readers more.

Here you’ll get different types of people writing down their opinion that are related to your blog. But among all these, this is nothing unnatural to get some spam comments. And obviously, you would want to hide those spam comments for saving the site from negativity. 

So, here what you can do is, choose the Akismet as an anti-spamming tool. This plugin can hide all the spam comments from appearing publicly. Also, this plugin works for absolutely free as well as correctly.

WP Rocket


The second plugin on our list is WP Rocket. This plugin is known as the smart working one because of its speed and simplicity. This is made with minimal configuration possible. Though this one does not come for free. 

WP Rocket is the premium one that offers 14 days money-back guarantee. This means, if you’re not satisfied with this plugin in 14 days, you can get your money back.

Yoast SEO


The third one on our list is Yoast SEO. This is the most suggested one for the people who’ve just started getting into the website building world, and you want to rank on google. These plugins do every step by pushing your pages in your post in the right direction. 

You’ll get two versions of this plugin: One is the premium one, and the other one comes for free. You can go with the free one and still get outstanding service.



Elementor is one of the most popular plugins among bloggers. And this one will keep increasing its popularity day by day because they offer a lot even with the free version. There are a lot of things you can do with this Elementor plugin. 

From building a live frontend editor, complicated layouts, and website live, Elementor does everything. Though the free version is quite helpful, you can undoubtedly go for the pro version. Here you’ll get some extra features to make your site look unique.

Google Analytics for WP


The best hedging about this plugin is, you can literally set this up in two-three minutes. This plugin will let you analyze your website’s works here. This analytics is accepted by everyone to see the real traffic on your website. 

By using the updated version on every page, you get the authentic information served. Not only this but here you also get the option of disabling tracking whenever you want.

Easy Table of Contents


This plugin is the best to make your content SEO friendly. Especially when you’re dealing with long posts that are more than two thousand words, you must use this plugin. 

This plugin scans through your post and finds out the main headers to make a table of contents. This makes the user experience better as well as attracts traffic.

All-in-One WP Migration (Backups)


There could be a time when you would be searching for changing the site location. We all wish if there were a one-click way to make this difficult task happen. Migration of websites has never been so easy. 

Moreover, you can never do this task if you don’t know the methods. If you do that., you hold the possibility of losing your website by taking the wrong steps.

If you’re a non-techie person, just go with the All in one WP migration plugin. Here you can move your WordPress website quickly by some easiest steps. Also, you can control this plugin with your mobile that most plugins don’t allow it.


GDRP cookie consent works on tracking the user activity on your site. But for clarity, this cookie doesn’t steal any kind of p[ersonal. This will collect only the acceptance and rejection of your site by the viewers. You can use this plugin to hold you the power to configure cookie details. 

With this plugin, you can customize the cookies on your site according to your need. So, the GDRP cookie consent notice can be an excellent option to choose as a plugin. Also, this plugin gives you the chance to use the Audit module. 

This shows what cookies are being used by your site to the viewers. Even when it’s collecting the information of viewers’ actions, it asks for allowance by the users.

Wordfence Security


This plugin will help you with the best WordPress security available. This p[luggin is a little bit more technical to use, but honestly, it gives the best protection from data leakage and hackings. 

The specialty is, they have got a cloud firewall example, where you can see every single way that a hacker can follow to snoop into your website. You’ll get this for free and premium versions. In the beginning, you can try the free one and later upgrade to the premium one. 

If you don’t consider security as essential, you’re risking your website’s reputation. So, using Wordfence security as the wall of your WordPress site will be an excellent choice for sure.

Pin It Button


As an online marketer, there is no chance you don’t know about Pinterest. It’s the fastest growing social media with 50 million users. When we’re talking about your WordPress website, a pin it button is a must. Through this, you can pin your content to attract massive traffic. 

Nothing to worry, if your site contains a minimal number of followers, you can still reach more people by this pinning thing. It will help you to gain more followers by repinning it.

Final words

WordPress has become the first choice for bloggers these days. One of the reasons for being the first choice is its plugins availability. Here you get vast options of plugins to choose from. Here you get both the free and the premium ones to use. 

As a blogger, you must make the right combination of plugins to build and present your business in a smarter way to the audience and attract more traffic. As WordPress offers you so many useful plugins, it’s nothing unusual to get confused. No doubt, the list we mentioned above can do the task quickly and effectively.

Hope you try these plugins and make your site do better. Thanks for reading.

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