Why Should You Choose WordPress for Blogging?

If you are looking to get started on your very own blog, there’s a great chance that you have heard about WordPress blogging. 

Being an open-source CMS platform, WordPress is a way to make that possible for you. But why should you choose WordPress for blogging? There are other content management systems out there right?

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3 Major Differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Back in 2003, when WordPress was first invented, it was not the CMS we know today. But it was ever-evolving.

Later in 2005, the co-founder of WordPress decided to branch out from the path that WordPress was taking and invented WordPress.com owned by Automattic which runs on a modified version of WordPress (hence the same moniker).

SO, which one to choose for blogging and why?

 We’ll get to that in a bit but let’s see the major differences between WordPress.org (the CMS) and WordPress.com (the website building service platform).

Best Web Hosting For Blogging

1. Monetization facility.

WordPress.org allows you to have all the monetization you could imagine of.

WordPress.com on the other hand keeps it limited. 

If you are using a free plan, you wouldn’t get any financial benefits from it no matter how many readers you have.

2. Domain, hosting, and overall control.

WordPress.org is completely under your control. So you get to control your blogging website, have your domain and also get yourself hosted at your own effort.

WordPress.com is a self-hosted platform, you only need to sign up on it and start on your blogging website right away. No extra charges for a domain or hosting. Great, right?


But the downside is that you don’t get your unique domain or URL – instead you get a subdomain. Also, your blog wouldn’t really be under your control. 

It will be maintained by WordPress.com authorities, so you need to be careful about the content you post on your blog. If it breaks the WordPress community rules, your whole blog site could be deleted.

3. Plugin usage.

WordPress.org allows you to use unlimited plugins whereas, wordPress.com does not allow it if you are using a free plan.

If you upgrade to paid plans, you can use plugins limited for blogging purposes only and sure you can roll with that but you cannot use third-party tools such as Google Analytics for your WordPress blog.


Which One to Choose?

Now coming back to this question, we’ll say that if you are a beginner aren’t sure whether the blogging life is for you or not, and so you aren’t willing to invest much into it, WordPress.com is for you.

But for those who want to make blogging a source of income or are willing to stick to it even in the future, we suggest you go with WordPress.org i.e., the CMS.

10 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Blogging 

The WordPress CMS is what we will be focusing on today and below are 10 solid reasons to choose WordPress for blogging, so read on.

1. Many resources to learn from.

Let us start from the very start, i.e., the learning curve of WordPress.

It isn’t exactly easy to tackle for the newbies. But since it has been around for almost two decades, there are plenty of resources to learn from. 

You do not exactly need to participate in paid courses to use WordPress, everything can be found on Youtube or google – it’s that simple.

You just need to be consistent in your learning. 


2. Genuinely cost-effective.

Contrary to what many believe, WordPress is actually cost-effective.

WordPress being an open-source software is fully free of cost itself. That’s right, no more annoying subscription plans.

But you do need to pay for a domain and hosting as well as any premium templates or plugins that you choose to use. 

The most basic website can cost you about $60 minimum to build which is far cheaper than other CMS platforms such as Wix. But rest assured because it is all worth it. 

3. Highly secure.

The core software of WordPress is maintained by world-class tech experts and has a stronger security system compared to other such platforms.

Although no platform is completely secure while it’s on the internet and you may still be subjected to security breaches, the risk is a lot less due to the software itself.

Keeping your website regularly maintained, backed up, and up to date is a great way to further increase your blog’s security. 

Limiting login attempts, getting hosted by well-known hosting providers, using security plugins, and installing SSL certificates are also great security measures for you to take.

4. Super active global community.

The WordPress community is super active.

You can literally ask for help at dawn and be provided with help almost instantly.

WordPress powers more than 41% of all the websites existing on the internet and its popularity only continues to grow.

Being a global community, language barriers are also no issue since WordPress provides support for 60+ languages as well as translations using free plugins.

5. SEO friendly.

Search engine optimization is a crucial asset for the success of your blog. 

It can help you gain a lot more organic web traffic and will also help you keep your content relevant.

WordPress is highly SEO friendly and will let you gain the favor of Google search results, making you rank higher and closer to the first page. That means your revenues will increase due to the increase in traffic.

Also since WordPress has been around for a long while, services like SEO consultation are super affordable. So you can get expert advice more easily.

6. 100% customizable.

WordPress is also fully customizable. 

Your blog is going to be completely under your control so you get to choose what to do with it.

Keep it public or partially public, have newsletters, membership programs, and much more.

You can get ghostwriters for your blog and also monetize anything you want on your website as long as it is relevant to your user’s needs all from your easy-to-navigate WordPress dashboard.

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7. Thousands of themes and unlimited plugins to choose from.

Since we are on the topic of customization, it is only reasonable that we talk about the appearance and features of WordPress as well.

You can give your blog a unique look by choosing any template of your liking by simply going installing them. The same goes for your plugins – just make sure that they are compatible with your website.

There are unlimited plugin options to choose from and thousands of different WordPress blog themes to select from.

But, to be on the safe side, it is better to invest in a premium theme or plugin since they offer stronger security against unwanted malware or spam attacks that could harm your website.

8. Social-media friendly.

In this day and age, you can hardly come across websites that do not make use of social media to promote themselves.

It works great for both the users and the website owners as the algorithms used in social media advertisements give relevant recommendations to people on the internet meaning that you will get an organic audience much like SEO optimization.

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WordPress allows you to hook your blog website to almost any popular social media platform out there and lets you reach people from all around the world.

To further increase your audience, you can make your website responsive since most users scroll through social media on their mobile devices and responsive websites are mobile-friendly.

9. Best for monetization.

As we mentioned, unlike WordPress.com, self-hosted WordPress allows you to turn your blog into an active income source for you.

But what we didn’t tell you is that WordPress is the best choice for you to make money out of your blog.

Recent statistics suggest that WordPress offers a much better monetization facility for blogging compared to its fellow platforms such as Wix or Blogger.

So, even if blogging is just a hobby for you, you can make the best out of both worlds.

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10. Originally built for blogging.

And last but not least, you must take into consideration that WordPress was built for blogging in the first place.

The popularity of WordPress for blogging only goes higher and higher even to this day.

But you must keep in mind that they only evolved into a CMS after they mastered their initial goal of being a world-class blogging platform.

It was built around the concept of blogging and that itself makes it a far wiser choice compared to other blogging or content management platforms.


FAQs about WordPress Blogging

Still not convinced? Here are 3 frequently asked questions regarding WordPress for blogging that are sure to get through to you.

How beginner-friendly is blogging in WordPress?

There is a learning curve to WordPress that is difficult for some beginners but easy for others – so we would answer that it depends from user to user.

Do you need to have coding knowledge to do Blogging in WordPress?

Absolutely not. You only need to learn to navigate through the dashboard and maintain your website properly.

What are some must-have plugins for a blogging website in WordPress?

The most popular plugins according to us would be JetPack, Askimet Anti-spam, Yoast SEO, Elementor page builder, and much more. There are so many of them out there that we could write a whole other article on them!

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So that was all for today – we hope our discussion helped you decide why you should start a WordPress blog. 

Best of luck with your blog! Goodbye.

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